Feature History

iRunTrains is an evolving product. Listed below is a brief feature history of our iRunTrains pre-releases, as well as some planned features.  Are there any other features you would like to see?  If so, please contact us to share your ideas and help guide development. Thank you.

New Features in iRunTrains v0.7 - Released Dec-09-2012

  • Both diesel and steam engines that produce exhaust
  • Larger variety of rolling stock
  • Limited ability to modify train consist (but no coupling/uncoupling yet)
  • Sixteen bundled valley and island layouts
  • Simulated seaside and lake water.
  • Finally some structures. Buildings, bridges, loading docs, etc.
  • Automatic train and turnout labels that appear and hide automatically
  • SLIF import of both RailModeler v4.0 and v4.1 designs
  • Internal optimizations to improve frame-rate performance

New Features in iRunTrains v0.6 - Released April-10-2011

  • 3D Sound!  Speed-dependent positional "choo-choo" and car sounds from each train.
  • Train whistle, bell, helicopter, and other sound effects.
  • Zoom most views in/out like a telephoto lens.
  • Ride the front/sides of the engine or the sides/back of the caboose.
  • A seventh bundled layout called "Roundabout".
  • One-key spin of your viewing angle by 180 degrees.  Great for seeing what's behind you.
  • Toggle focus between engine and caboose.  Great for following a train in/out of sidings.
  • Improved SLIF import of new terrain options introduced in RailModeller v4.0.2.
  • Detailed engine wheels with moving side/coupling rods.
  • Better looking terrain. Five ground textures, each in one of five colors.
  • Internal optimizations to improve frame-rate performance

New Features in iRunTrains v0.5 - Released December-18-2010

  • Much more realistic textured rolling stock.
  • New sixth viewing mode: "Caboose Rider View".
  • Full control of all views with either the mouse or keyboard.
  • Train crash and derailment detection. No more "ghost trains".
  • New display preference to control darkness of terrain slopes.
  • New keyboard preference to reverse arrow and zoom keys.
  • More internal optimizations to improve performance.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed display frame glitch when using keyboard commands on some Macs.
    • Fixed lines of interference that could appear in the sky on some Macs.

New Features in iRunTrains v0.4 - Released Nov-6-2010

  • More realistic textured scenery in one of five colors that you select.
  • New textured horizon with blue-sky and moving clouds.
  • A sixth beautiful layout called "Triple-Decker".
  • Elevated turnout numbers offer improved readability.
  • Many internal optimizations to improve performance.

New Features in iRunTrains v0.3 - Released July-10-2010

  • More realistic looking track with ballast.
  • Three additional viewing modes
    • Motion Match View - Your viewpoint matches the motion of current train.
    • Rail Fan View - Stationary view that simulates what a "railfanner" experiences.
    • Engine Rider View - View from onboard the engine, like riding a 1/4 scale model.
  • Both keyboard and mouse control of most views.
  • A fifth fun layout called "The Hill Climb".
  • A virtual electronic billboard that you can customize with your own photos or graphics.
  • A new menu layout and the ability to set menu text color for improved readability.

New Features in iRunTrains v0.2 - Released March-28-2010

  • A fourth fun layout called "Mountain Loop".
  • New keyboard commands give improved ease-of-use and international compatibility.
  • Support for all Macs (not just Intel Macs) running Mac OS 10.5 "Leopard" or newer.
  • Bug Fix:  Fixes a display clipping problem seen on some Macs (see Release Notes for details).

Initial Features in iRunTrains v0.1 - Released March-14-2010

  • Full 3D model railroad simulation using OpenGL.
  • Also a 2D simulation if viewed from above.
  • Simple keyboard controls that can be learned in minutes.
  • Three fun track plans to choose from.
  • Control three trains (speed and direction) at the same time.
  • Smooth train acceleration that simulates momentum.
  • Full control of all turnouts.
  • Table View: shows a stationary view of all or part of your layout.
  • Train View: follows the selected train automatically, as from a helicopter.
  • Four terrain colors to simulate grass, dirt, sand, and snow.
  • Artificial horizon option simulates outdoor operation.
  • Pause feature, stops the simulation when needed.

Future Planned Features: