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However please take a moment to review our frequently-asked-questions below first
.  Thank you. 

Question:  Can I run trains on the track plans that I've created in RailModeller?
Answer:  Yes, but only when using RailModeller Classic (version 4.1).
Instructions are provided here. RailModeller-Pro is not yet compatible, since it does not export SLIF files.  If you would like that feature added to RailModeller-Pro, please let them know.
Question:  Why does iRunTrains leave a Terminal window open after I quit running it? Is that a bug?
Answer:  Not a bug. To simplify development, iRunTrains currently runs as an OpenGL Unix application on Mac OS X. This means your Mac automatically starts Terminal when you run iRunTrains, and it leaves the Terminal window open after you quit.  This is normal.

Question:  I switched a turnout when a train was driving over it, and the train came apart. How can I put it back together?  Is this a bug?
Not really a bug. Trains can split apart because we have not yet implemented any checks to detect this condition. To put the train back together, stop it and reverse through the turnout the way you came in. The train should then rejoin automatically.  Or you can just reload that layout to start over.

Question:  What is the maximum number of trains we can put together and the software can run ?
Answer:  iRunTrains currently includes three default trains that cannot be changed.  In a future release, you should be able to run up to ten trains simultaneously, with up to 100 cars per train.

Question:  iRunTrains seems to run slow or jerky on my Mac.  Why?
Answer:  Try quitting other application that may be running and using resources. Also try turning off the iRunTrains help overlay by pressing "H". Is Time Machine doing a backup?  That can slow things down too. Also, consider restarting your Mac just in case OS X is having problems (though this is rare). iRunTrains requires a lot of computing power to run, so it may be that your Mac is just not fast enough.

Question:  iRunTrains really loads my CPU and makes my Mac's fan run loudly.  Is this normal?
Answer:  Yes, this is normal. iRunTrains requires a lot of computing power to run, and this causes your Mac to generate more heat. This is true even when you don't see trains moving, since iRunTrains is always trying to draw 30 screens/second.  Apple designed your Mac with a fan that automatically spins faster to keep your Mac cool under these conditions.

Question:  How do I uncouple and couple individual cars?
Answer:  Sorry, iRunTrains can't do that yet.  This feature is planned pretty soon though.