Welcome to iRunTrains, your new 3D model railroad simulation application.  You can think of iRunTrains as a virtual train set, allowing you to control the speed and direction of multiple trains in real-time on a virtual model railroad. Operate and view your trains in a variety of fun ways on several included layouts.

Code-Puppy Software is proud to announce that iRunTrains v0.6 for Macintosh is now available for download. This is our sixth free prerelease, and it includes 3D positional sound, more realistic engines, new viewing options, seven layouts, and three trains that are all ready-to-run. Please review our
feature history page to see our product's evolution.

We are developing iRunTrains in cooperation with MacRailSoft to be compatible with their RailModeller design application. When our future commercial release (v1.0) is ready, you will be able to export any
RailModeller track-plan, then immediately use iRunTrains to run trains on it. This is also an experimental feature of our current release, in case you want to give it a try now. Test drive your next layout, create the virtual layout of your dreams, or just have some fun.

We have also partnered with Onomaly Extraterrestrial Software to create iRunTrains for iOS
Their alien skills have made iRunTrains the premier model-train sim on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
Watch this demo & tutorial of iRunTrains on the iPad.

And for the new ultimate in extraterrestrial trains, check out  iRunTrains On Mars for iPad. 
You've always wanted to operate future-trains on the red planet, right?  It's Mars by MONORAIL!

We are interested in your feedback to help guide the evolution of iRunTrains. Please feel free to contact us to share your ideas and opinions.

Thank you for your interest in iRunTrains.
Best Regards
Code-Puppy Software